Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair glass repairs.

Many kinds of damage can be repaired.

Loose stone chippings or gravel thrown up by vehicles travelling ahead: the causes of stone chipping damage are as diverse as the type of damage caused. But whether angel wing, star, or starburst break: if the windscreen has only been affected to a certain depth and does not show extended line fractures, the damage can be repaired.

Precision quality from experts.

With special tools and high-quality materials the damaged spot is prepared and filled under pressure. This is to ensure that no air is entrapped. Finally the glass is treated until the spot is completely closed and transparent again.

Trust Mercedes-Benz quality with an expert touch.

Mercedes-Benz windscreen repair meets the strictest quality standards: Our experts repair your Mercedes's windscreen with utmost care. Exclusively high-quality materials are used  – a contribution to the value retention of your Mercedes.